Computer Rental

You can rent a laptop or desktop and monitor for $20 per day.

Call 720-482-8383 Option 2 to talk to Mike or James about what you need so we can have everything ready for you when you come in.

Please read this document and either print and sign before you come in, or you can fill this in when you get here.   Laptop Rental Agreement.docx

Terms and Conditions of Loan:

  1. Normal Wear and Tear Expected
  2. Laptop has Windows, MS Office 2007, Chrome, Dropbox, Free Antivirus installed
  3. Client will have to connect to wired or wireless network on their own
  4. Customer free to install whatever programs they would like
  5. No data is going to be transferred to or from this laptop without a fee
  6. After use, the drive will be 100% wiped and reloaded, including ALL settings and files.
  7. If laptop screen is damaged, there is a $100 fee to replace it
  8. If laptop hard drive is damaged, there is no fee.
  9. If laptop case is damaged, there is a $200 fee to replace it.
  10. If laptop is stolen, customer must produce a police report and there is a $200 fee
  11. If power adapter is lost, damaged or stolen, there is a $50 fee
  12. Laptop needs to be returned to Onsite during working hours 9-6 M-F or 10-2 Saturday
  13. Failure to return laptop on time will result in a police report and a fee of $250 deductible
  14. Lost or damaged Power Adapter is $50
Sale price $175.00 Regular price $240.00 Sale
Sale price $280.00 Regular price $420.00 Sale